Workplace tracking
Without Excel.

On MS Teams?Pult Track for MS Teams coming soon

Keep track of where your employees are working from right in Slack. One simple poll everyday makes all the magic.

Pult Track Slack Poll

How it works

Get started with just three easy steps.


Add to Slack

Add our Pult Track Bot with a 1 click to your Slack chat. Connect it to your Pult account and you're ready to go.

Add to Slack

One quick poll makes all magic

Stop tracking the workplaces of your team through manually entering them into Spreadsheets.
Your team members receive one quick daily poll where they select their preferred workplace for the day.
One click - that’s it.


Valuable insights into your company culture

Analyze the results through your Dashboard on Pult and get valuable insights. Learn and adapt current trends and strategies based on real time data.

Track dashboard screenshot

Automate workplace documentation

Stop wasting time documenting the workplace locations of your team. Pult Track automates this process for your entire company in one unified solution.

Great insights into your teams preferences

Access results and analytics through your Pult Dashboard. Get valuable insights in your company’s culture without having to do all the manual work.

Security is important

One of our top priorities is your privacy and the security of data. That's why we use state-of-the-art technologies, encryption in transit everywhere and also encrypt sensitive data.

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