Implement workplace coordination in minutes

Implement and coordinate your hybrid workplace in the easiest way possible while improving company culture and employee experience.

How it works

Get started with just these simple & easy steps.

1. Connect to Slack πŸ”₯

By connecting Slack we can sync all your active team members so you don’t have to manually add them all.

Add to Slack
Connect to Slack πŸ”₯

2. Add Office(s) and number of seats 🏑

Add as many offices/floors as you want and add their capacity limits (max. number of seats).

Add Office(s) and number of seats 🏑

3. Easy & engaged booking πŸ’™

Pult is about people. You can see who’s working from the office, home or remotely and book along side them with one click. Even in advance.

Easy & engaged booking πŸ’™

4. Monitor occupancy & hybrid policies πŸ“Š

Gain valuable insights and analytics to learn and further plan from.

Monitor occupancy & hybrid policies πŸ“Š

5. Safety first 😷

To return safely back to office you have contact tracing and safety measures accessible in seconds.

Safety first 😷

Supercharge your hybrid workplace today