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Heycar is a young and fast-growing company that needed to find a way to scale its culture as it expands into new countries. They chose Pult because it's an easy-to-use tool that helps them handle all Hybrid Work processes online, giving them the flexibility they need. Using Pult, Heycar can continue to grow quickly and easily without sacrificing their company culture.

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Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London
Secondhand cars
500 employees
Customer Story


Since 2017, Heycar has been disrupting the secondhand cars industry.Heycar provides a car marketplace that simplifies the process of buying a used car and is quickly gaining popularity among buyers and sellers alike. With over 50,000 cars for sale from private sellers and dealerships in your area, Heycar makes it easy to find the perfect vehicle at an unbeatable price. They also offer financing options with very competitive rates.Thanks to substantial investments from Renault and the Allianz group, Heycar is currently experiencing very strong growth in the European market.

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Our mission


As head of people international at Hey Car, Sabrina Kosse is tasked with leading a 14-person team that spans across Europe. She ensures the employer branding remains consistent through all entities— and also takes care of the global recruiting of employees as well as of running office management across the continent.“Successfully building and maintaining a strong company culture while getting the best talent is vital to Hey Car's success” says Sabrina



With growth and international development comes an increase in payroll and the need for Heycar to ensure continuity of the company culture across all teams, regardless of country or location.With currently more than 500 employees in Europe, Heycar is trying to continue to balance growth with maintaining a consistent office and hybrid work policy.

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After a round of feedback, it appeared that Heycar employees have different expectations about their workstation set up.For 90% of team members, sharing a desk with other co-workers seemed just fine but almost 10 percent prefer a private space in  they could keep & personalize for themselves. Thus a need on flexibility - defining flex desks while also having some fixed and private workstations.

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Sitting safely together

When the pandemic arrived, it quickly emptied out Haycar's office. Though some had to go in on a regular basis for work-related things like meetings or presentations; however how could everyone stay safe but also avoid sitting all alone when nobody else is there?

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Workstation for everyone

When Heycar's exponential growth continued, it became even more important to ensure that everyone could get a desk in the office and manage all of this expansion. Keeping up with the setup of new desks and workstations using spreadsheets and investing a lot of time in communication didn’t feel like the right solution anymore.