Workspace freedom made simple

Make your team truly hybrid. Access a global network of workspaces, set-up satellite offices and keep track of your team.

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The future of work is flexible

Evolve your workplace strategy to the needs of your team, while keeping safety, health and a balanced office density in place.

Work on your terms

Pult is about hyper-flexibility. Scale up or down in matter of clicks.

Reduce risks and office costs

Flexibile on-demand pricing minimizes your risks and costs. Pult is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Access to unlimited options

Access our network of hundreds of coworking spaces around the globe with ease when and where you need it.

Everyone has different preferences.

Today everyone has different workplace preferences. To attract and retain the top talents in this world, workspace flexibility is needed.
Pult offers a full suite of tools to make it easy for you and your team.

Not enough space at home to set up a proper workplace.

Burn-outs through no physical boundaries at home.

Long-distance commuting is wasted time for employees and employers.

Avoiding isolation or loneliness in the home office.

Pult solutions
for your workspace flexibility

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Work from Home and from coworking spaces nearby

The home office can have its downsides: isolation, lack of space and privacy to name a few. Give employees the option to work from a premium coworking spaces close to their home whenever they need to. Less commuting and more professional workspace for more productive work days.

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Decentralize your office with our Hub & Spoke solution

With our Hub & Spoke model you can bring the workplace closer to your employees. Your team gets one large private satellite office as well as access to the entire Pult network of workspaces.

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Keep track of where your team is working. Without Excel.

Insuring workplace safety for your decentrilized workforce is important yet often solved manually through spreadsheets. Pult Track is a small Slack app that automatically asks your team where they are working from everyday. It’s one click for your employees and you get to access knowledge of how and where your team likes to work.

Ready to supercharge your hybrid culture?

Our platform helps reduce costs and gain flexibility while leveraging teams' insights to make everyones' work an experience

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