Make your team flex

Provide your team the flexibility to work where they feel most productive - while lowering your costs.

One tool to keep your team connected and thriving!

A joyful remote work experience for your team!

Shorten or even cut the daily commute of your team!

Provide your team the room to perform the best!

Why companies love Pult

Operating the workspace flexibility of your team is a complex task. We've build one easy and intuitive tool that lets you do exactly that.


The ultimate increase in flexibility

Save money

Lower real estate costs up to 80%

Hiring incentive

Attract + retain the best talents

Happy teams

Let your company culture thrive

Pult in 3 easy steps


Flex workspaces for everyone

Your team gets access to our network of Pult workspaces through out Germany and soon Global.


Experience coworking completely new

Use space offerings in your local area and on business trips. Automatically scale up & down based on your needs.


Manage everything in one place

Manage your team and budgets in one place. Easy and flexible.

Ready to supercharge your hybrid culture?

Our platform helps reduce costs and gain flexibility while leveraging teams' insights to make everyones' work an experience

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