Hybrid workplace collaboration made simple

Forget spreadsheets! Pult is the all-in-one tool that makes your hybrid workplace collaborative, fun and people first!

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Powering the next-gen hybrid workplaces at:


No more spreadsheets.
No more guessing.

Who is working where?

Our goal is to make hybrid work about people. See who’s in the office, at home or working remotely and join them with one click.

Manage a safe return to office

We believe the office is an important part of many company cultures.

Capacity limits, simple deskbooking, contact tracing and much more make the return to office as easy and safe as it can get.

Integrated into your favorite tools

Pult is all about ease of use. This is why we
seamlessly intergrate in many of your favortite tools.

👉 Also in Personio, Google Calendar and more..

Monitor your hybrid policy

Understand how your team is adapting your hybrid policy and how your office(s) are being utilized.

Who can benefit from Pult?

HR & People

Offer your teams flexibility and foster a healthy hybrid culture

Workplace & Office

Understand how the office is utilized and get valuable insights


See who’s working where with 1-click and book along side them

safety is our promise


Ensuring the security of your data is our most important responsibility. We take it seriously.


One of the most important reforms in recent years and of course we are 100% compliant to GDPR. Read more in our privacy policy.


Since we are a German company, all our data is hosted in secure German data centers.


Of course, we already use Encryption-in-Transit everywhere, but beyond that, we also encrypt all data at rest.

Supercharge your hybrid workplace today